Quotes added on Sunday, July 24 2011

12:00 A.M
It's a new day, start it however you'd like and make it 24 hours worth of smiles and fun ;)
all mine

i aint saying she dont love you
im saying
she dont love you
i do.<3

And do you want to 
Know what the BEST
Feeling is ?
That at 11:11 you 
Don't have to wish 
for anything 
because you have 
everything you need <3 (:
i wish we had another time, i wish we had another place... but everything we have is stuck in the moment.

"Nothing hurts more

       than realizing he meant everything to you,

                     but you meant

    nothing  to   him."

I need someone to talk to.

Taking you to a different world, so you don't have to be in is one...


Just the other day I saw that little girl taking a toung down her throat by a boy that didnt give a damn.

-NSN ; Fifteen.


One by one the pieces fall

until our pride defeats us all
or we learn to live without it

We are all lonely and all we want is for someone to pay attention,

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