Quotes added on Monday, July 25 2011

So, I'm single,
No intentions
of looking for a guy,
This time,
I'm letting him find
ME <3


Crosthe line

  if you told someone about your problems and they didn’t believe you.


That Moment When...
you realize that song your listening to describes EXACTLY how you feel..

we thought that no one could tear us apart
i  l o v e d  y o u  from deep inside my heart
but then she came and pulled us away

i  m i s s
  the days we kissed in the pouring rain
you called me your angel you called me your everything
now when i walk past you it seems so
e m b a r a s s i n g 

i   s t i l l   l o v e  y o u   from deep inside my heart<3

Fave If  You do this too;;
Friend; Ask your mom if I can stay over!
Me; No! You ask, she'll say yes to you!
Friend; Ask your mom if I can stay over!
Me; No! She's in a really bad mood right now. I'll ask later.

Boy you got my

h e a r t b e a t

running away.

Beating like a drum

and its coming your way.

I WisMy Life Was a Stor y 
then there would be a happy ending

----------- -----------
Do you hear those footsteps behind you?
that no t  m running  a ter  yo,

that's karma
catching up to you.


not my format.

your so fake if i
looked behind your neck
it would say made in china



says one

day your

prince will

come well I

think mine

got eaten by a dragon on



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