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For making me WORTHLESS

In your eyes


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" i  wasn't  that
  drunk  last  night " . . .

"Dude, you were staring at a Justin Bieber
poster for an hour and kept screaming,


who else gets butterflies
just by thinking about him?    


is 8 letters.
Guess what?
             so is

&  a l l  i  w a n t . . .

is for you to hold me close 

& tell me you love me.


Tomorrow  is  a  brand  new  day  and  i t  don' t  know




ATTENTION ALL WITTY BOYS!! If you are between the ages of 15-18 and you have either: A. Pale skin. B. In between pale and tan skin. Or C. Tan skin. Than you qualify to play a role in my book called: Moonlight: Dusk to Dawn. There are 10 male roles. In order to be in it you must go to my comments page and leave your: name, skin tone (out of the three that were told above), hair color and hair style. (Also tell me if you have freckles) Thanks for your time!! -jesagirl27
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