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Oh you're so pretty
I shall call you....

I could only
about having problems like Bella.

Let's see 2 guys willing to risk their life for me, both super attractive, willing to marry me, and families that both love me. Yeah I would much rather her so called "problems".

Boys are like purses::
cute,full of crap, and
can always be replaced:}
-Every girl has billions of jeans, but usually just sticks to her favorite pair♥

Can summer please rewind?

i don't know

That moment when you stop texting, every  s i n g l e  day.

N O W   M Y   H E A R T   I S   B R O K E N 

l i k e   t h e   b o t t l e s   o n   t h e   f l o o r . .

30 days, 30 letters♥
Day 1: Your best friend(s)

Dear Tori, Jenna, Syd, Kendall and Megan,
I love you guys, whenever I'm upset your always there for me. Whether I call you every Friday night to talk about whats going on in my life, or you have my back and scream at someone that hurt me in some way, or just knowing that you won't tell anyone the secrets that I tell you. It really means a lot to me you have no idea.
Love, Guliana

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