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You can't change me
chapter 3.

*Please leave comments I want to know how it is, I might stop writing it.*

Hanna never came back to class, I worried about her all last block. I met up with Shaun in the hallway after the bell.
"Have you seen Hanna anywhere?" I asked him.
"Uh no ," He said.
"She got called to the office during fourth block," I explained.
"Oh, weird." Shaun turned and left school. Great, I thought, now something is up with Shaun too.
"Hey!" Sammi said cheerfully as she caught up with me.
"Hey, you haven't seen Hanna have you?"
"Not since this morning," she responded. "Didn't she get called down to the office?"
"Yeah, I'm worried about this whole thing what do you think happened to Caleb?" I asked.
"He looked angry last night at Connor's party, he was talking to Shaun before he went off with Hanna," Sammi told me.
"Shaun was acting weird earlier, anyway, do you want to go shopping and try to get our minds off things?"
"Of course!" Sammi exclaimed. We started walking to my car, when I spotted something. Shaun was on the phone inside the office, with cops.
"Sammi... what's Shaun doing in there?"


Hanna: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/cm/cosmopolitan/images/5A/girl-confessions-0309-mdn.jpg
molly: http://www.beautyriot.com/celebrities/bella-thorne/photos

dear all you witty girls;
stop obsessing over "him" hes not worth it. one day you will meet a guy who is the one. but right now you just gotta live your life to the fullest and except who you are.
don't think anything down on yourself. everyone reading this is beautiful inside && out. don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. keep your confidence high && he will find you.

sincerley, fate

  Wanting to be
someone else
is a waste of
the person
you are.

I never knew
///////////////////// He could make swearing sound so cute. .

     We are givin : 
Two hands to hold,
 Two ears to hear, 
 Two legs to walk, 
 Two eyes to see, 
But why only one heart... 
   Because one is givin to someone else, for us to find .

She threw up her hair

because now she doesn't care
She grabbed her
[pencil] and[notebook]
and took one last [look]
She [walked]out the door with her [head] held high
because [today] was the day she
wasn't going to cry*


 so she will stop wasting her time chasing after something that she wont catch♥♥

Going to McDonalds for
salad is like going to a
prostitute for a hug

The road of LIFE
is not straight
There is a curve
called failure
a loop called confusion
speed bumps
called friends
red lights called enemies
caution lights called
you will have flat tires
called jobs

but if you have a
and an engine called

you will make it to

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