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Happy Birthdaay
To Me[:

                                                                 Confession #3

I always speak before I think and it always gets me into a mess.

Any regrets of mine are caused by that.     

"Can you do me a flavor?"

"Yeah sherbert."

"Can you plug your ears while ice cream?"

"Of course I cone."

"How wafflely nice of you!"

Even if it takes awhile, I'll wait right here till I see that smile.
Lets be us again.. <3
This quote does not exist.

Guy Confessions #7

We find confidence a turn on.

That awkward moment,
 when Lady Gaga's manager tells her
to "break a leg",
and Gaga thinks she said,
"arrive in an egg".
This quote does not exist.

awkward moment

when your  friend farts next to you and everyone stairs

at you while your friend  is laughing herself off 

Things I hate #8
When your quote doesn't fall under any of the categories you are given to choose from

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