Quotes added on Tuesday, August 16 2011

We Know Our Child Hood Is Over When

- Phineas & Ferb Go Back To School

- There are new Spy Kids

- Spencer's not "Crazy Steve"

- Miley Tells her secret

- Zack and Cody & High School Musical graduate

- Hilary Duff is pregnant

- Miranda Crosgrove isn't Meghan, she's Carly

- "That So Raven" is replaced by "ANT farm"

- They make new shows every month

Time To Grow Up </3


Sometimes I wish I had never met you

Because then I would be able to sleep at night

Not knowing there was someone like you out there.

nmf / nmq



I finally got my kiss in the pouring rain. With my prince charming who swept me off my feet <3

«««ñ« j«Q«««« 

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? 

  I could really use a wish right   now...     


i know i'm like a machine,
but i still have dreams




black girl



problems #26




When you go to a family reunion, every female there claims to be your aunt.




you know things are bad when,
it's not you complaining bout how "ugly" you are to a guy,
its him doing it to you..

If  you have big hands you know what that means....
Big  gloves    !  

why is everyone so much better than me. i hate it so much. i wanna cry. 




I get what you get in 10 years in 2 days.

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