Quotes added on Wednesday, August 17 2011

is it weird that i cant remember any of my childhood?

-Six billion secrets (mine)

can anyone help me with this???

Is weird a bad thing?
I think not!

He texted me last night..

Me: "What do you look for in a girl?"
Him: "Honestly everything you are...I don't mean to
freak you out or anything but u are my dream girl. I
love your deep blue eyes, your bright blonde hair, your passion for music, and you're super funny. Oh
and you're adorable too but that's just a bonus :)"

Fav if you think this is cute.

*True story

Have a nice life


Mondays I sleep away
Tuesdays I lay awake
Wednesdays, they are the worst
Thursdays I reminice
Fridays I see your face
And I can't breathe



i love you.
i loved you.

I'm happy that he doesn't love me Anymore,

Truth is I hope he gets an STD from one of his Whores<3

You're paper thin..
..And it's visible.

The awkward moment when you wake

up and for that one second your just like

where am I?


Do you like Fantasy books?
check out

The Chronicles of Elijah Kain
By: Matt Easterwood

It comes out the August 28th.
Here's the website: superminds.webs.com

  "They led perfectly normal, teenage lives until an immortal called Calamity tried to kill them. Sixteen year old Elijah Kain and his closest friends receive Super Powers after being forced into a world that's been hidden under humanity's nose for ages. They soon learn that Calamity seeks the Blue One, the only person who can save the world from the clutches of evil. When they discover that the Blue One  is  Elijah, and Calamity only wants to kill him, the young heroes realize that if they die, the world is doomed. They plan to do something he doesn't expect…fight back. Despite their determination, they know it won’t be so easy, especially with Super Powers they have no idea how to use. Just when they think they don’t stand a chance, Elijah discovers a hidden blade that has the power to destroy Calamity and save the world. But what they don't know is why the sword was hidden in the first place, and what it can really do. When one of Elijah’s closest friends touches the ancient blade, she goes insane for reasons no one can understand. Even worse yet, she attacks her family and goes missing without a trace. When Calamity plans on finding their missing friend first, the young heroes become desperate to beat him there. They have no choice but to turn to the Witch of Akron, a crazy old lady who lives down the street. Once they ask her for help, they learn that her past is connected to Calamity’s, which could make her their perfect ally. And once they know the truth, they realize that what they've been forced into is a lot bigger than any of them would have ever imagined."

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