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and totally not ready to mingle -.-

I need some help 
Ive been with this guy for almost 11 months and its been a decent relationship except in februray when he flirted with every gurl in our class. anyways so we havent been on a real date and we can only chill at his house (becuase of his parents) but he doesnt seem to care as much anymore and he seem to try as hard either even though he says he does. And going into highschool this year there will be many new guys and gurls.... and hes very attractive but all the gurls flirt with him and he flirts back cause he "doenst" know wat flirting is... ive talked to him about it and all i get is silence cause he says hes the type of guy who doesnt know wat to say but i think he could try a bit.... well im not sure if i want a bf going into highschool either.
So should i stay with him or leave him...( he does always say im the best gurl ever and he never wants to be apart and stuff to)

Thx if you read <3 Just looking for some advice 
I get excited
when I see that Disaster date and parental control's
playing on mtv in the 
The horrible nervous feeling you get on...

the first day of school. :/

"It would be so nice if something would make sense for a change."

 -Alice  in Wonderland




TEARS. </3


i'm up almost every night
thinkin' of you and what we could of been♥

I have a top quote!!!

on the 24 page...


No little pink hearts,

Or fancy lines underneath.

Just three little words;

Meaning so damn much.

It’s as simple as that.


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