Quotes added on Saturday, August 27 2011

Irene Have SOME Mercy on us! :O


you were always there for me, you never let me down.
now when i need you the most, your no where to be found.



Am I the only one that goes mad when people misuse the term freshmen/freshman?

It's like...
You aren't a freshmen.
Last time I checked, there was only one of you. Making you a freshman. If you're in high school you should know the difference between singular and plural. 

Format credit to formats4ever.

Don't make me fall
             if you have no intentions of catching me.
all mine.
don't jock.


cool story bro
go brag about it to your non-existing friends.

I want a person who
comes into my life by
accident, & stays on purpose.

The boys that sing or talk me to sleep?

Well, those are my favorite <3

Why vacuum
 when you can just cover it up???


Reason to love life #1

Whether you know it or not
you're beautiful


When you text,"K"
 to me.

 i t  makes  me  think  that  you don't  want   to   tal k   an ymore.


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