Quotes added on Tuesday, August 30 2011

I wish that hair could blowdry itself !

I'm more than a bird

I'm more than a plane

i'm more than some pretty face outside of the train

 & it's not easy to be me


Please do this wittty girls!
Everyone check out:
it is a writing collab that i do with
written_in_the_starsx3 & xosmileyxo4

we're writing our first story called
"It's Complicated"
(title may change)


When Two Hearts Race;
Both Win.


You broke my heart
Now i'm going to break something of yours...

how much does your Xbox mean to you again?


☑ Saddam Hussein
☑ Osama Bin Laden
☐ Rebecca Black


new music video <3

thanks to all the witty girls
who have supported me
through my music videos

i couldn't
ask for anything better
when it comes to my music videos. its how i express my self.
so please take the
five seconds
to subscribe l to exohblindkiss o n y o u t u b e ♥
brand new MV that was uploaded TODAY
- you can like me on
I cant thank my witty subscribers enough for how far ive gotten
if your still reading

I love you.



Me: Guess whose birthday is Saturdayyyyy?
Him: The most beautiful girl in the world?

Me: Nope, mine.
Him: That's what I said.


real convo between me & the guy i like :) ♥

Demi Lovato explains a different part of my life in each of her songs♥

Confession 1
Music is honestly the only thing in life that

hasn't let me down

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