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The perfect guy...
he'll do anything for you, for better or for worse
he'll compliment you but look past the looks
he'll give you his sweatshirt even if he's freezing
he'll do anything for you, even if he's against it
he'll spend hours on the phone with you, just cause your board
you'll say 'remeber the day i look really bad' and he'll say 'what day, i never noticed'
he'll hug you and not get embarassed in front of his friends
he'll make it a point to hold your hand
and most importantly....he'll treat you like a princess, a peice of gold, something......priceless
The perfect guy.....

that awkard moment when... yu have to fave ur own quotes because no one faved them...

keep tellin myself it's not worth it,

I already know I don't deserve it, but if it's from you I don't mind hurting; 

i want a witty best friend! talk to me

Fave for



for confessions 

I'm new to witty 
 so if you FOLLOW ME

Hey guys. I feel like my story, Lost&found, is at a good ending spot, and I feel like it was meant to end there so, The End!


However, I will most likely be joining a collab in the near future and that should be starting soon, so I'll keep you all posted.


Mirror on the wall; 
here we aragain
through my rise and fall, you've been my only friend

Lil Wayne

I think someone hit a skunk. It really smells...

ohh, wait. That's just you?♥

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