Quotes added on Friday, September 2 2011

I sin, but I'm not the devil.
                          I ' M   G O O D   B U T   I ' M   N O T   A N   A N G E L.


I hate when I finally fall asleep and I have a dream that I'm falling.... cause course I wake up and then can't go back to sleep -.-
Why can't all guys
be just like Bruno Mars? 


Edward; "I could kill you in seconds. So shut up" 

Jacob; "So what are you gonna do exactly? Sparkle me to death?" 


I keep thinking how fast my life is passing me by... It terrifies me.
 i liked you then .........      i meet you 

I'd rather be hurt by the truth,
than protected by a lie.



who's got one?

Lil Wayne , Weezy Bit*ch . <3 ;** 
Witty Girls,
                  I have finally found THE

perfect boyfriend

So don't worry,
yours is out there, too.

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