Quotes added on Saturday, September 3 2011

don't make him wait just because you know he will.

When you see a girl with small boobs and the biggest pushup bra on that,
her boobs are 2 inches higher on her chest than they should be
and look like they'll pop if they're pushed up a little more
and the guys say
"woah, look at her rack!"

how stupid are you?

i love the way he
gives me



At Some Point,
You have to realize that you need to live your life
&  make yourself happy 

~Finding Nemo

to those that think that they know me,
if you knew me, you'd hate me. if you actually cared about me, you'd be honest with me and tell me the truth. if you actually were me, you'd be dead already...

you can
it's a
cheap medicine


Some one vent

to me!

you can add me on facebook if you'd like(:


he meant everything to me.
then i found out he likes my worst enemy.
my heart breaks because i thought he loved me. 
Liam, why can't you just see?

i'd swim across the ocean for you
theres sharks in there :L

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