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The awkward moment when you highlighted this and nothing was there.                                                         
Injustice Facts:
Every year 11 million children die from completely
preventable causes such as malaria,
diarrhoea and pneumonia.

I remember when it all first began we were tight right from the start, it wasent long before you came on strong trying hard to win my heart ♥

I hate 

everything about me.

they say to keep your friends close
and your enemies closer

the problem is,
you can't tell them apart.


Adam Hicks
A Rapping Ginger.
I have a new respect for Him.

 A few years back my grandmother was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer. It changed my whole family's life. I love her so much so can you please show me that other people out there do to? Please and Thank You. <3
If you don't have any s h a d o w s;
Then you're not standing into the l i g h t

Is it just me or does anyone else see ads in the quotes?

confession #5

when people compliment me i don't believe it.

they're obviously lying.

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