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its been 3 months and im sitting here scrolling through the break up quotes, crying. and there's no way that we can fix what happened.


i know its not pretty, but i just needed to tell someone this.

Glad I waste my time making Quoteswhen  no one EVER likesthem..

If you only knew how it felt to lose the one



b a b c o c k 2 0 : f o r m a t c r e d i t

  t h a n k y o u 


Take my hand and follow me into a world where i fall asleep in your arms and get lost in your eyes.


Someone tell  me yes

Someone tell me no
Someone tell me wether to

-{[Stop or to Go]}-

I'm confused, baffled, lost in both paths.

I'm young, hopeless, and desperate for advice.

To grow up...to slow down.

Tell me now.

Scream it out.

I'm not the only one?
So, is this what life's about?

leaving something behind in a class just so you can go back and see your friends.

His name was Steve, her

name was Gina
 they met at a bar called the Cabo Wabo Cantina


R o s es   a r e  r e d, v i o l e t s  a r e  b l u e, y o u  a c t u a l l y  t hought  I ' d  c r y  over you ? 
I  t old  you  i  l o v e d  you  and  you  t hought  i t  was  t r u e,
S o   g u es s  what  player ?   You  got  p l a ye d  too (:



i i

I hate those random
 pop up adds that are on witty  now.



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