Quotes added on Wednesday, September 7 2011

Dear Heart,
I met a boy today...
*Prepare to be shattered* <|3

Getting Random Hugs From Your Crush

One life

|||||| to live ||||||



  Confession #16

  I am completely obsessed with the song What Makes you Beautiful by One Direction. I have listened to it about a Bigillion and 1 times since it came out(: And I am totally obsessed wih One Direction(: ♥

Fave for more Confessions(:

The 15th of every month i cry myself to sleep at night, just because you asked me out the day after valentines day then cheated on me april 14th...but i still love you and its been almost 9 months...):
now close your eyes and just htink
       the only reason people want to bring you down is cause your above them 
       stay above them 
                     there are alot of dumb people in the world and your not one of them 
                                                     You can do it <3 


I miss you
plain & simple; no pathetic sob story
i just wish you were back in my life</3

   fav this if your a 90's baby   

A  REAL* man doesn't love a Million Girls ,
He Loves a Girl a Million Ways <3 

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