Quotes added on Friday, September 9 2011

I used to think that if I swallowed seeds, that thing would grow inside of me

I'm not going to stress over you anymore. 
>>> It isn't worth it.
I tried to work something out, but you just ignored it.
I'm not trying to say I don't want you, because I definitely do.    


All I'm saying is,

I'm done chasing after you.



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I loved you.
You hurt me.
So don't be surprised when I say

i'm over you."


I don't know about you girls, but this winter I'm gonna "forget" my sweatshirt a lot. Why? So I can wear his <3
that wasn't a cool story..
just sayin' bro.

I'm almost 16 years old & want a webkinz. yeahbro. thisishowwedoitt.

I just want you to 
love me like you used to


You can never be cool, popular, or famous unless you are pretty. You are 10 times more pretty if you are skinny. That's just how the world works.


I want to make a facebook account and name it "Nobody",
  so when I see stupid crap people post, I can "like" it. and it will say, "Nobody" likes this.

sending someone a happy birthday text at exactly 12:00am and feelin beast about it

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