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&I'll tell you something, beautiful.

everything will end okay.

and if it's not okay,

it's not the end.


This is for...

The Firefighters.
The US Troops.
The innocent people in these towers
and on the planes.
The people who have lost someone close to them.
For the people have cried and cried, till no more
crying could be done. For the people who
worried to no end hoping they didn't loose
someone close to them in this attack.
For the people who won't be able to grow
up without a mother, or a father.

For they will NEVER be forgotten for all the hard
word they have done to try and help as many
people as possible. For they will NEVER be
taken out of a loved ones heart because
of how much love and care they have for
that person.

If the tears, and worrieness, and heartbreaks,
coule bring back the towers, but most importantly,
they people who have died in this tragic attack,
the towers would be standing stronger than ever
and familes would be normal again.

RIP to the people who have died.
& I send out all my prayers to the people
who have lost a loved one.

Good bye
short shorts, beaches, and flip flops.
Good bye sunshine, barbecues, and tank tops.
Good bye all nighters, no drama, and no stress.
Good bye green leaves, and your favorite summer dress. 
Hello, apple cider, hello sweaters.

Summer is over, time for Fall weather.


And I don't think you're beautiful... I think you're beyond it

Love is life,

If you miss love, you miss life.

im one of the luckiest girls on planet earth :)

you could be the moon and still 

jealous of the stars.


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