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every second                                                                                                         
every minute                                                                    
every hour                                    
every day          
                                       it never ends....


Honestly can not wait till I get
Monsters Inc. on dvd this weekend.
that + Ice-cream will =
my new therapy from then on

I don't regret meeting u! because what did'nt kill me makes me stronger! n i love being strong, rather then being broken hearted.  <3
makeup tip #11

 if you apply eyeliner to your waterline (upper or lower) a good way to make it last longer is
to get a q-tip and where you apply your eyeliner just wipe the q-tip along there so that the waterline
isn't as watery. I also suggest using a waterproof eyeliner so your eyeliner will stay on better.

good drugstore waterproof eyeliner: Revlon ColorStay

9/11. A day America will never forget.

I'll keep you my dirty little secret,
Don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret.



happy birthday to me :)

Goodnight, Daddy.

every night, she would say goodnight to her dad.
"I love you, and I will see you in the morning."
just incase she woke up and he wasn't there.

you see, he could get a call at any time,
day or night.
and his job can get difficult, and life threatening.

her mom left them a long time ago.
i guess they just didn't love each other anymore.
her dad was the only thing she had.

but, early in the morning,
her dad got a call.
he called her grandma to come and watch her while he was gone.

in the morning, she woke up, expecting her dad to be home.
she walked into the kitchen, ready to eat breakfast
with her dad.

"daddy? where are you?"
she saw her grandma sitting in front of the television.
she looked scared, she could see it in her grandmas eyes.

she walked up to the t.v.
the buildings were on fire,
then all of a sudden she saw the plane hit the tower next to it.
her grandma started sobbing.

"it's okay grandma, its just a movie"
she didn't realize what was happening.
of course, she was only six.

that night, three firemen came to the door.
her grandma answered it.
without a word, she immediately knew the news.
tears started rolling from her eyes.

"is my daddy home yet?"
she walked up to a fireman, who knelt down,
"you're daddy is a very brave man.
you see, some very bad people did some bad things today.
your daddy went to rescue the people who needed help.
but, he didnt make it out of the building in time.
your daddy loves you.
we're all proud of him, and you should be too."

she stepped back.
she walked into her room crying.
she picked up a picture of her and her dad.
she whispered,


Goodnight, Daddy. I love you.

This quote does not exist.

Think of me as th
you'll never get to play with
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