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Okay Im not doing this for likes

BUT I just wanna know who else hates it when there boyfriend / girlfriend

Talk about there EX'S

Hello everyone can I please see again how many Black Veil Brides Fans/Fallen Angels/Members there are? I'm really curoius.

Never regret,  don't forget,
because if it made you once smile,
its something worth remembering.

Good things come to people who wait.

You hear a noise;
daylight; it's whatever.

You hear a noise;
nighttime; run for your life.



isn't it funny when the annoying girl
calls you annoying

&Maybe , You're gonna be the
One that saves Me♥ .

"I'm always here to attempt to brighten it.(:  You did the same for mine :D anyways... I am in need for some sleep, so my fair princess, I will retire to my bed(: night Kelsey :D love you(:"

True story. Just happened.<3
I just wish he was more than my best friend.</3


my grandmother goes to Greece for 3 months and comes back and shes up to my nose

'wow did i grow or did she shrink'

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Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk past you again?

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