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When my text doesn't send, I think its god telling me not to send it.

Witty has entered a new phase...it's the omg he picked me up and kissed me in the pouring rain..... jk he picked up my pencil phase

this will continue for at least 3 months or untill wiz khalifa writes "quotes" again


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No, I'm not obsessed with Justin Drew Bieber, born Tuesday March 1, 1994, 12:56AM, St. Jude's Hospital, London, Ontario, Canada at 7lb 11oz.
Screw your past, don't let it screw you ♥
i swear there needs to be a misfit category for a type of quote.

(that's where all my quotes would go)

i thought...he'd never be interested in me......and then today he asked me for my number..:)


& i can't sleep unless he says goodnight. 

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c h e e r s   to   th e   f r e a k in '   w e e k e n d 

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