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Format by twilightgirl995

No matter day or night, 

I'm shining.

Biitch, I'm a star!


Happy birthday mommy

So todays my mom's birthday and we've been fighting constantly lately. This has been a really bad year for my mom and she seems to think no one cares
But we all do. My mom is my hero shes always there for me. and i love her. Even though i may give her attitude I do care. I love my mom, i dont know what i'd do without her!

So please click the little
heart to show someone cares.I dont usually do this but its for my mommy! I want to show her.


Format by Sandrasaurus

he broke my heart for a ho
then every time i look at him
he has the look of regret and sadness
he is not himself
and he never smiles when im around
i think he has realized i was all he ever wanted
i hope he changes his mind b4 i change mine


When I was younger, I didn't know I lived in a mansion.
Then I went to a friend’s house and was like... oh.

-Paris Hilton

Like yesterday, I didn't know Paris Hilton had friends.
Then I read this quote and was like... oh.










I'm sick of people trying to find reasons to be happy. how about the fact you're alive ?

Happiness is a choice that's hard to make. But once you do you won't be disapointed.

Secret number twenty-two
whenever I find out something that is
going to happen in the future, I never get too excited until it's the day of, and I'm living it, Cause I've had my hopes up
one too many times...

One  day I'll rise above
it all and look back,
and all I'll see is you
and the pain you put
me  through

don't like you. but when i see you,
i start getting thosefeelings..
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