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The best and
most beautiful things
in the world cannot
be seen or
even touched they
must be felt with
the heart
- Helen Keller

Qlee Quotes #2

*ripping apart piano*
Sue: Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realise that might be the national anthem for wherever your from!

[Purple Piano Project Season 3]

Those  days  you  don't  want  to  get  out  of  bed,  because  you  know  you'll  see  him  at  school.

And  every  time  you  see  him,  it  takes  you  back  to  the  days  when  all  he  wanted  to  do  was  hold  you,

When  he'd  remind  you  of  how  much  he  loved  you,  and  when  reality  was  finally  better  than  your  dreams.

I  guess  I  have  that  kinda  day  every  day.  </3

You  can  come  back  to  me  any  day  now....

it doesn't matter that you take pride on being “100% italian” or anything else like that. if you have white skin, you were born in america, and you're a native english speaker..... you're a white girl.


go on and try to tear me down, I will be rising from the ground,
like a skyscraper. ♥

The awkward moment when you

actually do see a moose kissing

a goose

Down by the bay...

“viola! end of discussion”
“fine. end of relationship”


Whats on my mind? Well I think im ugly and fat and have no friends. I think that people secretly hate me and I put a brave face on all the time but  Im dying inside. When I try to fix things I usually mess it up more. I hate myself and who I am. I hate my legs, arms, skin, belly, weight, face, everything. Sometimes I think, I look half decent, but thats normally ruined by a stuck up boy that thinks hes the universe. No facebook. Im not going to post "whats on my mind" and I dont think that anyone on facebook does. .I woult never tell the people who judge me what I really feel for them to just judge me even more. So catch me over here on witty where what I feel actually matters.

are   magical♥

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