Quotes added on Saturday, September 24 2011

if you see a comet
baby i'm on it
making my back home
just follow the glow
yeah, it won't be long
just know that
you're not alone

Girls are like apples on an apple tree. Guys go for the low, easy to get girls because they are at the bottom of the tree. Only the right kind of guy will climb up to get the real, sweet, amazing, lovely, best apples at the top. If he hasn't found you yet, then keep waiting for him, hes out there, and when the time comes, he'll be the best guy for you♥ Don't give up on him.

I wish i had the ability  to 
write amazing raps like Eminem

n m f

Today, he put his number in my phone.
He already knew my passcode.

I've never told it too him.

It's hard falling asleep
with a broken heart.

my quote

"What do you do

when someone stops loving you?"
"well, you cry a little...
And then you wait for the sun to come out.
and it always



all i want to be is




|||||| You know how every girl, wants to be called beautiful by a boy. They think it's one of the best feelings ever. And how we all want to be kissed in the rain.How we love when boys look at us.||||||
I always wondered,,,

""~What do boys want? How would they feel if we called them handsome?where do they want to be kissed? What do they feel when us girls look at them...?~

format by beautyinabox.

love isn't finding someone you can live with;
its finding someone you can't live without.



>> it'll be okay 

                                i love you
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