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Am I ever on your mind?
Cuz you're always on mine. ♥

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&We all know that when a guy wears a SNAPback hat , they are ALL that much cuter (:

My boyfriend is like a trampoline. . .


Worst moment...

When the guy you like
tells you he has a huge crush on someone else.
Only me ?


Confessions, number eleven.
My boyfriend found out about a letter I wrote
my ex saying I wanted to get back together. 3 months
into me and my boyfriend's relationship it was written.
He found it on my iPod 4 months into our relationship.
I never sent my ex the email, because I wrote it to get
my feelings out so I can focus on my better boyfriend.
I honestly have no feelings for my ex whatsoever now.
But now my boyfriend is hurt and everyone wants him to
dump me. And he didn't dump me.
What should I do to prove him that I care about him?
And make him not regret staying with me? 
I love him.
Please help witty, I need your advice more than ever.
If enough respond, I'll post the letter and the responses here.


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Really now?


Maybe he isn't a player

Maybe he's just playing in
the game


Do you think its right for a guy to hit a girl?
comment for yes , favorite for no ♥

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My scars remind me
that the past is real.♥


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How do I answer this question:
What are 3 contributions you can make to the Cheer squad?
I already have: commitment.
&on another question that says:
What are your 3 best qualities that make you a great choice for the school's cheerleading team?
I put Positive attitude, work well w/ others &learning new things
can you give me two more ideas for the 2nd question? i'm lost &&I don't want to sound repetitive.

[: Thankssssssss.

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