Quotes added on Wednesday, September 28 2011

you're something, im just not ready to confess what..

but i will say this, you're the kind of danger i've been looking for


‎11:11 Make A Wish! ♥

Fergie taught me how spell G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S (:
Lil Wayne taught me H-O-W-T-O-L-O-V-E
and Taylor Swift needs to stop stealing my diary...<3


For all of you that have had a broken heart,been bullied,told you werent good enough,or not treated how you desreve to be treated You guys are the people that are gonna be on TV Making Movies and Winning Grammy's Your our future Presidents and Heroes so hold your head up because your beautiful and all the people that hurt you laugh at them because one day they will regret everything they did 

Ok, so this is my new profilee. I need a new best friend , Someone I can trust with everything . <3 Someone to be there when I need them , someone who is always online ?(x Somebody in middle school like me .  Somebody who will never spill my secrets. Just need a new witty best friend . Comment if you are interested. Thankss.  Oh & check out my profile ;D

Seriously miss,
stop trying to teach cause all I'm hearing is


Now favorite if your name isn't Amanda. 


Jenna's MOM wrote the note!!!!

Everyday on here,
I think why is there so many younger people?
then I remember a few years ago other people,
were probably thinking that

about me.


    Nobody  is  as  pretty  as  their  profile  picture .

But  Nobody  is  as  ugly  as   their 
When i met u my heart skipped a beat,
The sun became the moon,
& cold turned into heat,
Roses weren't red............
violets weren't blue.....
All because i fell in love with u. <3
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