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 we said goodnight.
*2 hours later*

we say it again,as we're both passing out from exhaustion, and the image of him with a Mohawk and a british accent in both of our heads.

i love him.



The thing is....I am surrounded by so many fake people, being yourself seems to be a horrible idea. when really...you call her your best friend, and as soon as she has her back turned, you do nothing but trash her, and you boy, you text her every night saying how you like her, and tell of us you hate her to pieces. the fakeness in my school is just too many people, and i dont care if none of you like me, because at least ill be one thing none of you are and that is myself.


What kind of person Monster are you.?


I like you
but until you stop being an a** then
for now we can just be friends. Maybe
when you decide to change then we can
try again.

forget all the reason why it wont work and
believe one reason why it will.

Don't you just love when your teacher call's on you and you have no idea what your doing in class

I have 3 goldfish
                the kind you win at a fair they have taught me a lot

the simple things in life are all that matter
they ask for food and love that's it

they always get along and can make me smile, they always listen, never judge, never tell my secrets

if only humans were this way..

That annoying moment when

you're in a fight with your parents

and you don't wanna talk to them

but you need sumthin' from them 


That awkward moment
when you think your quote is really good, but you don't even get 1 notification...

I don't want to be the girl that covers her face in make up and changes how she acts to try and look hot for him. I want to be the girl that never worries about how she looks, cuz anyone worth liking loves her for her and not who she pretends to be.


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