Quotes added on Saturday, October 1 2011

dontstart to remember me

when everyone

forgets you.


I just wanna go cry in a coner..</3 

Having  A  Crus On  Someone
y  o  u   k  n  o  w   w  i  l  l   r   e   u    « - - - - - - -


I know there must be something more than what the world is believing in.

that awkward moment when

one belt hole is so loose your pants fall down
and the next one
suffocates you.


Having an AMAZING inside joke...


This quote does not exist.

does a smurf turn when you choke it?
i dont get it..

I wish you would just wrap your arms around me and call me
yours forever <3


not my format.

"I have met someone, a prince.

Well, he's tall, and handsome, and so romantic. 

Oh, we walk together and talk together,

And just before we say our good-byes,

He takes me in his arms and then.....

I wake up.

Yes, it's only in my dreams.

But they say if your dream a thing more than

once it sure to come true.

And I've seen him so many times."

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