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MY  pokemon brings all the nerds to the yard and there like 

You wanna trade cards?! 

damn right i wanna trade cards.
Gimme pikachu with electric charge ♡


I hate how on Youtube all the top comments are the same.



guess what. i'm a male who loves witty.
according to unwritten witty etiquette, 
this should have like 129381238 faves.

That Awkward Moment...
When You Wish You Had Never Walked Into The Situation Your Stuck In Now  

He broke her heart.

She broke his xbox,

Who cried harder?

                    Bad friend?..
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not laughing at a joke 

because you don't like the person

who told it 




  You read that as, 
I don't know if its just Me but i feel bad for turning you down yes you are a year younger and that shouldn't matter and yes you are shorter and yes you are two grades below me the reason i say no is not the fact that i am going to be made fun of its just that i don't like you that way and i know that everyone deserves a chance but i am not sure when you time is i know that it hurts i ve been in your shoes once  and it hurts badly i don't mean to hurt anyone but it always seems to happen i am sorry if i hurt you <3 i just hope that someday you will forgive me 
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