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Betting on how long
other peoples relationships last for.

And I was so mad,
I have no right to be upset with you
--not after everything I put you through.

 All I want is a guy who will....
text me first; ask me how my day was

come over my house and watch
cheesy musicals and chick flicks with me(:
listen to me.... u n d e r s t a n d   me. 
 joke around with me and then kiss me on the forehead
give me his jacket when I'm cold... 
hug me from behind...
infront of all of his friends
force me on roller coasters and haunted houses...
just so he can hold my hand<3
I just want a guy who will

 knows  when  I'm  upset

&love me unconditionally

f o  r     w h o    I       a  m        <3 

A    C  e  l  e  b  r  i   t  y    S  i  z  e  d    M  i  s  t  a  k  e

Chapter 6 Part 2
Apl's P.O.V

"I.Just.Can't.SWITCH UP!"
I ran into my verse of 'Just Can't Get Enough.' I smiled as I watched Taboo and Will dance lightly on their feet, and Ferg trying to copy them. But in the end, she just ended up spinning around.
"I want your lovin' right next to me, and I, can't erase you outta my memories."
All 4 Peas struck a pose as the song ended. I grinned as I heard the roar of the crowd's screams.
The next song up was 'Don't Phunk With My Heart' from our album 'Monkey Business.'
The music started up, and Ferg swiftly twisted and turned her body to the Egyptian-like beat, then brought the mic up to her mouth.
"No,No,No,No! Don't phunk with my heart!"
We all jumped to the beat of the music, the crowd copied, pumping their fists in the air.
I smiled, things were going great.
But near the end of the song, at Taboo's verse, things went wrong again.
While Taboo was rapping, I noticed Ferg's smile had disappeared, and she was holding her stomach.
I was concerned, but I figured it was nothing, so I just went about with the concert.
When Taboo was finished it was Ferg's part again. This time she had to hit the high notes.
"No, No, N-No, No! D-Don't phunk with m-my heart!" It sounded like it was almost painful for her to sing.
Taboo, Will and I all looked at her, confused and worried. But yet, she continued to sing.
"I-I wonder if I take you h-home, would y-you still be in l-love baby, in love b-baby.."
She held her stomach tighter.
"I-I wonder.."
Those were the last words she said before she covered her mouth, and bolted backstage.
She was gone in a flash.
The music cut, and the stage went black.
This concert was over.

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You probably don't care...
but, as of today, i'm not single anymore
y a y  f o r  m y  1 s t  r e l a t i o n s h i p ♥

I got the swag
And its pumping out my ovaries

(Gucci Gucci)


i went out to dinner with my boyfriend. Our waitress came over with dessert, my boyfriend then got on one knee and proposed to me i said YES! <3
Every one in the restaurant clapped.


I miss you old Disney
(You know you just had a mini-trip down memory lane)


i cookies!

i hate it when he says
"is there something you should tell me?"
bc then my mind starts racing and
tryin to think of something i did that could upset him
even when i've done nothing wrong.

and when i tell the truth. he always thinks it's a lie.
and breaks my heart
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