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Why is it that then when I look in the mirror, I still see that
skeleton looking back, why is it when someone or I take
a photo, I still manage to find a 100 faults in what I look like, 
Why is that I can't go a day without the voices echoing. :/


i have the craving all the time to eat my hair and every one always makees fun of me please telll me im not alone because it seems that i am and i try to stop but i cant and i dont know what to do

Love Is...
A homeless guy searching for treasure
in the middle of the rain and finding a bag
of gold coins and slowly finding out they're
all filled with chocolate, and even though he's
heartbroken he can't complain because he
was hungry in the first place.

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Light on my heart, light on my feet Light in your eyes I can’t even speak Do you even know how you make me weak I’m a lightweight Better be careful what you say With every word I’m blown away You’re in control of my heart I’m a lightweight Easy to fall, easy to break With every move my whole world shakes Keep me from falling apart
Demi Lovato "lightweight" To my love Bren.♥

                                           » is nothing if she has an ugly heart.


When life hands you lemons.Throw em' back and yell "Make your own freakin' lemonade!"

I love it when...
#1 he kisses your forehead or cheek ♥

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Anyone wanna be best friends? Especially the guys? (Girls, I love y'all too)

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