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Boy: "Hey baby, want to come over tonight?"
Girl: "Sure! What do you want to do?"
Boy: "I'll give you a hint. It involves pillows and blankets ;)"

and today
i feel pretty

for the first time in what feels like forever


Guy friend: lol yea but shia lebeouf is

a hot transformer?

Me: R u sure ur not gay? and yea he isXD

Guy friend: Lol, im positive! Frog.

Me: Okay then, are you high or drunk right now? CAUSE U ARE RANDOM!

Guy friend: lol
Me: like frog really?

What is wrong with my friends? This is why I love them<3




does anybody else think the song

b e t t e r   w i t h   t he   l ig hts   off 

is a  huge  i n s u l t ?

I  s t i l l   l o v e  i t  :P

If it wasn't complicated &and 
if it didn't hurt, the reward at 
the end wouldn't feel nearly
as good ; the LOVE wouldn't
touch us as deep as it does if
we don't go through the


Fall seven times, stand up eight.

I know you dont love me
and i know you dont miss me at all, you think im not good enough for you and im not what your looking for, i know all of that, yet i dont know why on earth i still love you and Hope that one day
You'll feel the same.



Don't  you  get  it?
I still love you♥

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I love to favorite peoples quotes
ng it could make their day. :)

Dear Boy's,
if we ever ignore you it means we're really hurt

Sincerely, every teenage girl

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