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*When a guy hugs you*

And Never Lets Go♥
theres a lot of pretty girls in this city.
theres a lot of pretty girls in this town.
i'm trying to pick the right one.
i'm trying to pick the right one.
trying to find a shorty to hold me down.


what do I want? Me?
I want to be happy with who I am, just for ONE day!

#1 Celeb
Selena Gomez

Selena Goez is the number one celeb.She is pretty she is great at singing and she chose the right choice for a boyfriend! Like and favorite if you agree.Also heart if you love her show.


some people are like clouds
when they disappear
your day gets brighter!

when you feel alone, just look at the
spaces between your fingers and remember
that's where mine fit perfectly ♥.

P a i n Makes You Stronger.
F e a r Makes You Braver.
H e a r t b r e a k Makes You Wiser.
Thank Your P a s t, For A Better Future 


you probably wonder why i always hate the girls you like.
so just letting you know its because
i am h e a d over h e a l s in love with you.


Ü hi .. im new in witty..
 && i need witty bestfriends..
anyone?? <;

  we've all got broken strings but we try our best not to think about those kinds of things. 
  i find myself thinking about how damn dark and swampy your eyes get in november and june. i find myself thinking about how the hottest starts are always white and blue.
  i wonder about love sometimes and the bodies  i've seen it come in. how when we hit the light we never stay for long. maybe our bodies weren't built for this.
  but i'll never be sorry for all the feelings that i bear in all the places they cannot fit. sometimes when i listen carefully i think i hear you singing. maybe it's just the sound of the wind hitting our broken strings.
  but this world is a very lonely place if you never learn how to love broken things.
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