Quotes added on Wednesday, October 12 2011

All my friends seem to run away when I'm in a bad
mood. I think I've impacted  them  in  a  bad  way  in
                                                                the past.

I'm just so psyched to go to school because I get to see you (: My heart just goes crazy whenever I think about you or see you.

& if you asked me how I'm doing , I'd say just fine♥

fave five of my quotes And i will fave a whole page of yours

  Meh Remix. of my family.

Lmfao; Every day I'm shuffling.

Me; Everyday I'm tumburing

Mum; Everyday I'm tireing.

Sister; Everyday I'm parting

Brother; Everyday i'm sleeping in.

Dad; I'm grumpy & i know it.


Hey. Some one wanna gimme an idea on how to win a girl's heart.
I relly  culd use it...


I asked my little sister what love is and what it feels like,
this is what she told me;

"Love is when you feel something strange inside your tummy. Love is kind of thing momma has for us. Love is soft and love can make you smile and sometimes cry"
Shes only 4

So is it gonna be me or her?        

 If you love me, you wouldn't make me choose...
If you love me, there wouldn't even be an option... 



                       Intelligent guys are just soo
                               much more attractive

  this , if you were ever called ..
a w h o r e  , s l u t , easy , useless , b i t c h , prude , c u n t , etc . etc .
you know what ? your beauitful .

ive been called all of these.
dont let anyone get to you.

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