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They should have a relationship status on facebook that says
______ is getting played by ____ .
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you never know

what she could be hiding
                                  behind that pretty smile.



 my love for you was



but you're the one who shot me

This quote does not exist.

Love can sometimes be magic.

But magic can sometimes ...

be an




It's time
To move on.
He hurt you.
Forgot about you.
And can't you see,
He has moved on?
Now It's your turn to show him
That you can live without him.

Hold your head up high
and smile,
because there's someone else waiting to
see your gorgeous smile. 



A girl is
   much more
than she seems;
not a toy  by any means
underneath that make-up and hair
there's a sign that says;
handle with care.

When you make a WittyPro
just so you can write down thoughts
about the GUY you can't have. <3




There is no hope.
//////// I learned that the hard way. 


Full House

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