Quotes added on Saturday, October 15 2011

Teach Me Hoto Dream,for I O
nly Kno
How to dream about you.♥


Whale you be my girlfriend?

Of course i whale (;




I've thought About Suicide.

But I'm Glad I Didn't,

Because I Wouldn't Have Met Him.


Happy Birthday to Me!


Not A Kiss,

Which Holds Such bliss,
To Escalate this Feeling,
Into something more with meaning
Please Stay for Awhile
Just Please,
All I want you to do, Is Smile

Someone should sue Disney,
For planting the ideas in little girls heads,
that every Girl
gets a Prince Charming,
and there is always a happily ever after.
No matter how loud I laugh, I’m still not happy.
No matter how hard I cry, the sadness inside grows.
The more people love me, the more I feel empty.
I just need you to love me for all the pain to go.
                                           W A N T E D ;
 a guy that will like me , for me. a guy who will understand me better  than anyone  else can . a guy who makes me laugh when i ' m about to break down and cry  . but most of all i guy that will love me unconditionally . 

                                 F O U N D ;




Save your breath for the guy

who will take it away anyway :)





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