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Conversation with my sister:
Her: '' So you two write letters, text each other, talk on the phone, and play on xbox with each other. & are best friends. But ur not dating.''
Me: ''Right.''
Her: '' You are dating?''
Me: ''No.''
Her: ''Why not?''
Me: '' I don't know.''
Her: '' Do you like him?''
Me: ''No...''
Her: ''But why?''
Me: '' Cause I love him.''

If a hug represented how much I loved you, I would hold you in my arms forever... <3

C.M.D <3

that one teacher that calls themselves professor and you're like:

"if you're a professor then i must be a freaking wizard."



cant evedescribhoI'feelinrighnow.

                                      I'm not used to being in love. I want to be yours forever.


This quote does not exist.

I was going to favorite your quote,

Until you said "fave if you agree."

Like, don't tell me what to do.


13 favesss
13 yearss?


...Those people that tell me...
I'm going to hell
while they're going heaven
make me happy because it means we're going in
different directions


 To be honest:
I may look like I have it all put together on the out side but I am falling apart on the inside...

I'm not searching 
for a guy with looks.
I'm just searching 
for a guy that cares.
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