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Take each day and make it last
Cause you turn around and the future is the past

  I’m Just A Girl
That’s Falling For The Guy I Know I Shouldn’t Be
Well Silly Me.[:

Dont you ever for a second get to thinking your irreplaceable
you must not know bout me
you must not know bout me
i can have another you in a mintue
matter face he'll be here in a mintue, baby

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Don't say you love me unless you mean it cause 

I  might  do  something  crazy  like  believe  you



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Under The Mistletoe

Chapter 3

Sammi's P.O.V

"He was totally checking you out!" Erynn screamed in my ear as we drove back to my house. "No he wasn't shut up!" I said blushing. "Yes he was. Did you see how he nuzzled his face into your hair? LOVE!" She shouted. I slapped her arm. "Stop saying that! He probably does that with every fan he meets. I'm just another fan. No difference."

"Oh com'on, Sam. Your beautiful, your smart. Who wouldn't want to go out with you? Especially that hunk of sexiness back there." She said. I rolled my eyes. "Erynn, listen. Nothings going to happen. I'm just a regular fan. Hes meet thousands of fans. I'm no different." I said. Erynn sighed. "Alright. Keep believing that." She said. "I shall continue to believe that." I stuck my tounge out. She rolled her eyes. "I can't have you lonely at another party. I have Kyle, Jesse has Alleeya, and you could have Justin!" She claimed. "We have two weeks until the concert. Just shut up about it alright?" I sighed. Erynn chuckled as we drove into the driveway of my house.

Erynn was fast asleep ont he floor next to me as I was still on my laptop looking as random things. I was on twitter and the first thing i see is #justinsmysterygirls as a trending topic. My eyebrow raised as I clicked on it. It led me to Justin's page and one of his posts said:

@justinbieber - Met 2 very special girls tonight. can't wait to see them again at my next concert. #ilovemyfans

My heart skipped a beat. Mabye I was falling for him. Oh shut up, Sammi. You're just another fan he's meeting. Nothing more. All your going to do, is meet him, see his concert, then leave and never see him again. But, never say never. Right?

I  never  hought   it   was  possible
to be inlove with two people
at the same time.



you   think   you   want   to   die 

B S A V E ...


Being random isn't everyones bowl of
Chopped up pelicans. 

When it comes to teenage love, these are the years. When else is he gonna leave flowers on your porch? Or sit on the trampoline and count the stars with you? Don’t waste the bittersweet taste of his lips, because you’re only young once. Young love is the best kind. The most fun, most precious. These are the years. People who say teens are too young to love, they don’t understand. Teenage love is the best, the most romantic. These are the years. Don’t let them pass you by.

Have you ever wondered some ones first impression of you?

[Nerdy, Pretty, Popular, Mean, b*tchy, Slutty, Loud, Quiet, Rude, Sweet, Cute?]

Well I know everyone has, so this isn't a way to judge, but look at my profile and comment your first impression of me, and I'll do a first impression back.

Repost under surveys to see what people's first impression is of you [:


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