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Wanna know what's funny?
When your talking about somebody & there behind you...
It's funny when there like "You know I can hear you?"
&you're like "Yeah, that's why I'm talking about you."

That moment when that guy your talking to is right in font of you and you just wanna run a kiss him.


Dear   Bruno   Mars,

You  have every right to teach my future husband to treat a wife right.


still waiting for the right guy. 



Sorry i f i don't boy shop,
go for guys who have the best looks,
date guys who only wanna score,
be in a relationship just cause we look good,

I want a guy for his personality and won't judge me on mine.

  "you had to be there..."  (phrase) : what you say right after realizing the long story you just told wasn't even remotely funny.

not my format


Dear Facebook friends who are now getting a Witty,

I made an account to get away from you.

Sincerely, GTFO!


Credit: FaveFormats



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