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"     f r i e n d s h i p

i s     b o r n     a t     t h a t     m o m e n t     w h e n     o n e     p e r s o n      s a y s      t o     a n o t h e r :
'    w h at   !     you     too?     I     t h o u g h t      I     w a s     t h e     o n l y     one     !     '     "

-      C     .      S      .      L e w i s   





For listening to us and making Witty


To be honest;

  I don't know how much you love me, or if you really love me at all. But I'm not giving up. I'm going to give everything I have-just for you. Why? Because you mean everything in the world to me, and I've waited so long.

I'll never give up on you. 

if i go on a date &
it's bad, i'm gonna
stand up and say
"i'm an actor, they're
all actors, & you're
on MTV's disaster
date !" & run out .

There's A Point In Every True Friendship, Where Friends Stop Being Friends and Become Sisters.
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23 ways to make your parents think your INSANE. (:

1. Moo when they say your name

2. Give yourself a swirly.

3. Run around with a lampshade on your head yelling, "The sun!!! It's dying!!!

4. Run into walls.

5. Say that wearing clothes is against your religion.

6. Stand over them at 4 in the morning with a HUGE grin on your face and yell, "Good morning Sunshine!"

7. Run in circles.

8. Pretend to beat yourself up.

9. Wear you pants on your head and your shirt on your waist...tell them you're making a fashion statement.

10. Try and drink out of a glass the wrong way.

11. Super glue your finger up your nose.

12. Talk to a pen.

13. Lay face down and chant like an Indian tribe.

14. Spread out on the window and buzz, pretending you're a fly.

15. Take your ice cream cone and put it on your head...say you're a lovely unicorn.

16. Make weird animal noises at night, and when they come
to see what's wrong, pretend like you're asleep.

17. Switch the light button on and off for a while. Then say, "Ooooh...I get it!!!"

18. Jump off the roof, trying to fly. (try not to kill yourself.)

19. Say your pet is mocking you and chase it around the house.

20. After everything they say yell, "LIAR!!!"

21. Hang upside-down in your closet.

22. Pretend to be a phone.

23. Try to swim on the floor.

Those Guys WithThe

Amazing Smelling


You Get Into The Biggest Fights, With The People You Care About The Most Because Those Are Relationships, You're Willing To Fight For.
Alright girls,
I need advice
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