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W i t t y  I s N o w P I N K ! ? ! ? ! ? !              
w h e n  t h e  h e l l  d i d  t h i s  h a p p e n ! ? ! ? ! ? 

I HATE WHEN ADULTS ARE LIKE, “Watch your language,” OR, “Watch your tone,” BECAUSE PHYSICALLY,

Older Men
  Its my

When you are feeling down, upset and depressed. When you feel like there is no one who loves you, no hope left. Remember you are someone's reason to smile <3
I love it when someones laugh is funnier than the joke :)

i find it weird when people end stories with:
"and he/she said it to my face!"

i mean, wouldn't you rather they say it to your face
than behind your back?

ohhhh spell check ...

What would I do without you?

With all your lies and games, you only made me stronger. Your the loser for letting a good girl walk out of your life.

This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.
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