Quotes added on Monday, October 24 2011

Screw school.
Imma be a hobo.


 I am gonna make a quote
just about


Just you you know, yes;
l a s a g n a,
does   taste   better;
a t    n i g h t.



i'm  giving  up  on  making  passes,
i'm  giving  up  on  half-empty  glasses,
i'givinup on greener grassies,.

Take a hint.
All those text messages,
all those late night calls,
all those chat messages,
all those laughs,
all those jokes.

They might not have mattered to you.
But I remember every single moment
of it. 

Boy, can't you see - I'm in love with you.

the best invention ever<3

Don't make a wish at 11:11

Be different and make it at 12:34

© crazycarina

Peter Pan and Wendy turned out FINE. So won't you FLY WITH ME.


I say you

Wipe those tears away.

Stand with your head up high,

walk with pride.

Show him you don't need him anymore.

Forget about him, and move on.

Hang out with your friends.

Eat a bunch of ice cream, pudding, chips, cookies.

Watch movies, not romantic ones, but funny ones.

Show him you don't care.

Show him you can do better.

Show him you're better off without him.

You got a long list of guys waiting for you.

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