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Happy 18th birthday to me :)
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never apologize for you feel it's like saying sorry for being real


Removal of this credit is punishable by death.
Ok so you help me decide;
my best friend has
she started chemo, and might lose her hair.
my friend suggested,
we do locks-of-
so she isn't alone.

should we?
Really in the talking moood! anyone else?!

Whenever a girl or even a guy
says something to me that I find mean,

I always start my reply with "Oh, hun," or "Sweetheart."

Hotter than a baby in the microwave?

Fave if you're glad you're not J Dash's kid.


i hope karma slaps you in the face

before i do

Hy  r S l l s 9

  C o l l o p o r t u s :

Closes and binds a door, so it cannot be opened.
FAV if you remember

dont make me snap my fingers in a Z formation....

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RIP Sydney Schwienebart

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