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Dear Trevor,

            There are NO words to express how i feel about you. But I can't get you off my mind! You're different than every other guy. Everyone is saying i should give up on you because you live so far and everything, but I can't. I just can't! You're too important to me! And you're the first person to make me feel BEAUTIFUL. no, not pretty, actually beautiful! <3 so i guess the words im looking for are I LOVE YOU!!! <3I don't care if you tell me i should find someone closer. No one's the same as you! I'll never find ANYONE like you. Yeah, I know long distance might not work for other people, but we can make it work. I mean if you want to. You're my Best Friend, but im falling for you! And you told me you liked me. I don't know if you still do or not, but if you do PLEASE doon't give up! You're the only boy i ned in my life! if i never met any of the other boys, none of that would matter. If only you knew this is how i actually feel. well, just remember, I LOVE YOU! Please don't forget that, or me. 

<3 Love, <3

when your jeans are tighter than your girlfriends,theres obviously a problem

Anyone else,


9th of June?


a world of total anarchy. complete freedom for all people. no rules, just freedom. a world with no money. where material possessions are used, rather than loved. and people are loved, rather than used. where one is not put down for his or her beliefs. a world where instead of constantly craving, and seeking things we cannot have, we accept what we do have.imagine coexistance.

imagine peace.

Your as good at love


as you are at lying.


I have

Virgin Lips

And I'm proud






 but honestly, I never forget.

A witty best friend?

I need someone that i can tell absolutly anything too, & be able to trust you..
Someone who wouldn't mind adding me on facebook, & becoming my best friend..
We can text, skype, ect. 
I need someone where i could tell you, & you wouldn't tell a single person..
Someone that i hope to meet sometime in real life!
Any taaakers?!

And all that’s left of us, is memories. I’m holding on to them tight, so they don’t leave me like you did.

IDK. Yahoo it
Dude. No.


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