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Lifilike a glass of milk
you can look at it half empty or half full.

When I cry,
You know I've given up.

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My scars speak the stories that I can never tell.
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she tries a lot harder than the average teen,
just an over achiever with low self esteem.

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Chapter 1/Part 1
I see her. She looks so familiar. She has blonde hair wavy hair. She's looking down, & I can still see the silky skin on her nose._KYLE!_Ashleigh yelled across the cafeteria, the girl looks up. She has blue eyes that sting when she looks at me.
_Lesly?_ I whisper.

I understand this is super late. Like 3 months late. Im sorry. I forgot when I was going to put these up but I have 2 more parts to this 1st chapter. & then I will put up the 2nd chapter.


If they don't chase you when you walk away...keep walking <3

today;......... my mom made me add her on facebook. she posted on my wall saying: "hi sweetie!" 23 people liked it. -___-

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Movement on Dreams


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give up on
someone you can't
go a day without

thinking about

just gave me a little inspiration to not give up on him<3


i'm officially addicted to tumblr...&now it's down...someone shoot me. 

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