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All a girl really wants
is for the boy she loves to call her beautiful


Happy  One month anniversarie.


DON'T be to quick with the L word
It could turn out REALLY bad for you
AND them
they could say it back.
because they dont want you to feel bad
they could end it. right there and then
Just be careful.
Trust me.
You DONT want to learn the hard way

I live in sweat pants over the weekend.

I want something real, not bullshit.


Remembering Sunday - All Time Low

i just found out my best friend has a brain tumor and i dont know what to do with myself. i've been bawling for the last 2 hours, and i've thrown up 3 times. he wont text back cuz hes busy at the cancer research center, and i havent actually talked to him yet, i found out through someone else. i cant handle it. if i lose him, i dont know what i'll do. he' s literally my best friend and i love him.

Hey Stephen, I know looks can be deceiving but I know I saw a light in you
As we walked we were talking and I didn't say half the things I wanted to
Of all the girls tossing rocks at your window
I'll be the one waiting there even when it's cold
Hey Stephen, boy you might have me believing I don't always have to be alone.

'cause I can't help it if you look like an angel
Can't help I if I wanna kiss you in the rain so
Come feel this magic I've been feeling since I met you
Can't help it if there's no one else
I can't help myself

Hey Stephen, I've been holding back this feeling
So I've got some things to say to you
I seen it all so I thought but I never seen nobody shine the way you do
The way you walk, way you talk, way you say my name
It's beautiful, wonderful, don't you ever change
Hey Stephen, why are people always leaving
I think you and I should stay the same

They're dimming the street lights
You're perfect for me why aren't you here tonight?
I'm waiting alone now so come on and come out and pull me near
Shine, shine, shine

Hey Stephen I could give you fifty reasons why I should be the one you choose
All those other girls, well they're beautiful but would they write a song for you

Myself, can't help myself
I can't help myself. 

~hey sephen
by:taylor swift

fave if the song has some meaning to you also <3


i'm on skype with my boyfriend and this happened 2 secs ago:
ben- i dont wanna 'cus im tired and lazy
me- well then lets say goodbye and you can sleep
ben- no
me- why?
ben- 'cus i love you and don't wanna stop talking to you

It's taken a lot for me not to cut everyday...I'm so depressed. I need help, I am aware of it. My parents think I'm overreacting, and that we can't afford it.
You can't afford to help you depressed daughter?


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