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I made a mistake and felilove
and now
i just have to 
livwitthe consequences


Anyone Can Give Up, It's The Easiest Thing Ever.

But To Hold It Together

When Everyone Else Thinks You'd Fall Apart Is

True Strength

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Do you feel like a man
when you push her around?
Do you feel better now,
as she falls to the ground?
I wish I ment the world to you.
You know you want him, but yur never  gonna get him...

   That awkwurd moment<3

                            When you meet your idol and you have no idea what to say XD

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A True Relationship Is When You Can Tell Eachother Anything and Everything.
No Secrets and No Lies♥

Format by Sandrasaurus

B e   t h e   g i rl  ;        
that puts on her better smile; puts on her better outfit; puts on her better attitude;

and shows him what he left behind.

Whenever play hide & seek; 
I have to pee.


sometimes life gets hard,

                                                                            when you         miss someone, but they're too far.
                                                                                 and it's sad 'cause no one has our back,
                                                                                  but one thing's for sure, the more they tell
                                                                                   us no, the more we'll try to make it work.

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