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For The  Girls Who Said  All  Were The Same

Who told you to try them all? ♥

when a balloon he gave you lasts longer than your relationship...

Thirty Day Challenge!♥


Day 1 - Your Best Friend

Day 2 - Your Crush

Day 3 - Your Parent

Day 4 - Your Sibling. (Or Closest Relative.)

Day 5 - Your Dreams.

Day 6 - A Stranger.

Day 7 - Your Ex-Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Love/Crush

Day 8 - Your Favorite Internet Friend.

Day 9 - Someone You Wish You Could Meet.

Day 10 - Someone You Don't Talk Too As Much As You'd Like Too

Day 11 - A Deceased Person You Wish You Could Talk Too.

Day 12 - The Person You Hate Most/Cause You A lot Of Pain.

Day 13 - Someone You Wish Could Forgive You.

Day 14 - Someone You've Drifted Away From.

Day 15 - The Person You Miss The Most.

Day 16 - Someone That's Not In Your State/Country.

Day 17 - Someone From Your Childhood.

Day 18 - The Person That You Wish You Could Be.

Day 19 - Someone That Pesters Your Mind. (Good Or Bad.)

Day 20 - The One That Broke Your Heart The Hardest.

Day 21 - Someone You Judged By Their First Impression.

Day 22 - Someone You Want Too Give A Second Chance Too.

Day 23 - The Last Person You Kissed.

Day 24 - The Person That Gave You Your Favorite Memory.

Day 25 - The Person You Know That Is Going Through The Worst Of Times.

Day 26 - The Last Person You Made A Pinky Promise Too.

Day 27 - The Friendliest Person You Knew For Only One Day.

Day 28 - Someone That Changed Your Life.

Day 29 - The Person That You Want Too Tell Everything Too, But Too Afraid Too.

Day 30 - Your Reflection In The Mirror


Day 11(: I know its not the time yett but right now i rlly need to do this and maybe i can go to sleep<///3

I wish I could have met youh<//3 Ive heard so many good things about youh, I jus wish youh were here with me on hard days and nights like these. I wish I still thought u died the first way that i was told becuz i wasnt old enuff to understand anything. I dont like knowing youh did that, Grampa</3 Ive never met youh and yet I love youh and Miss youh sooooooooooo much . I hung youhr picture on my wall so i see youh everyday, i still wish i had youhr arms around me as i cried and youh could hold me and tell me everything is going to be ohkay. I know its almost midnight and I should be sleeping but I need to say all this. and maybe youh will help me. . Mom and Dad told me that ive seen youh before, sometimes I play the story over and over like they told me it happened and see if i can remember anything, but it never works.. I do believe that its true tho, i jus wish i would remember it. I wish youh could have held on just a bit longer, i miss youh so much<3 When I cry, why cant youh be here with me hug me and never let go, hold me and say youh love me, and nothing till change that, and that everything will be ohaky. I guess only youh know what truely happened not even mom does, but i would like to, can i trust anyone.? Sometimes i like to look at ur picture and jus say goodnight and let youh know i love youh. .Becuz in times like these i know youh care and youhr looking down on me knowing i can get through iit, even tho sometimes it seems like i know i can and like i have no one. Mom's told me that youh help her in her dreams and stuff, I think i believe her<3 Grampa, am i doin this riight.? If i met youh would i even call youh that.? Would i be able to act 3 and run around the house w/ youh and jus laugh and smile for real.? did you ever think of grandchildrenn<3 how much i miss youh<3 i love youh so much, i jus wanted to be told everything will be ohkay and theres tears show ive been strong for too long and all this stuff im sayin is for real and youh do love me . and i will find who my true friends are and maybe youh will help me when i get older . I guess since its midnight i should try to sleep, i love youh grampa<3 Please let me know bein strong is what to do<3 I miss youh<3 And lastly i know mom doesnt always do the right thing and she makes me mad and stuff , please help her thru show her wahts right, what path to take, how to life life , jus talk to her<3 I cant do tht, i need to be me and i jus want u to watch out for her,<3 I rlly do love her and uncle richie and uncle steven even tho i hvent met him either and my aunt<3 so plz grampa jus help mom becuz i know  she loves youh too<3 I miss youh, and im craving that hug that lasts forevverr an ur sayn im gon; be ohkay<33333333333333333333333333333

Today was a beautiful day. Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day. Watch some idoit mess it up you little snitches!
Will you carry me down the aisle that final day, with your tears and cold hands shaking from the weight? When you lower me down beneath that sky of grey, let the rain fall down and wash away your pain.
he makes me smile
like theres no
[ t.o.m.o.r.r.o.w ]

 She might not be;

Everything you want in a girl  

 But she'll always be

More than you'll ever have.  

I listen to her heartbeat


it plays my favorite song

                                                                                first day of school
                                                                                                                        i was the new girl
                                                                                                                       nobody noticed me 
                                                                                                                   i guess it was okay 
                                                                                                                 i felt so alone out there though 
                                                                                                              i missed all my old friends
                                                                                                         in math people started
                                                                                                       to make fun of me
                                                                                                   they called me names 
                                                                                            and i didnt want to do anything about it 
                                                                                          i just walked by and ignored it
                                                                                     then a week flew by and now
                                                                                  the girl who started romors about me
                                                                              ends up being my friends
                                                                           turns out were alot alike 
                                                                       what a wrold we live in right! 

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