Quotes added on Friday, November 11 2011

My memories faded away, and i could actually get through my day. Now you're back again and im asking myself, am i really going to do all this again?        </3

It's offically my B I R T H D A Y! :D
11/11/11. <33


You zone out staring at someone and they look at you.

It's Officially 11.11.11 
Don't forget to make your wish! 
You broke my heart you threw me aside; all of your promises were really lies. One day you will miss me and know this is true- one day you will wont me but i wont want you </3

     (:    11/11/11       :)    

 (:        11:11         :)
Make a wish tonight:)

guh , please.

my showers last longer than your relationships .


That awkward moment
when not one person is worth your 11:11  11/11/11 wish
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